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APMHA Eye Witness Editor’s Corner

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APMHA Eye Witness Editor’s Corner

Hello APMHA Friends!

Welcome to the new members and greetings to old friends/colleagues.

It’s been great to see the participation on the email list group, with the sharing of ideas about our practice concerns.

The time has passed quickly since our conference last year.

Members are reminded to keep their profiles up to date. These are sent to prospective clients who request referrals through http://APMHA.com/hypnosishelp The member pages are also very important to keep up-to-date, for those individuals who want to contact you directly. That information is located at Our Membership listing Page, you can choose to have your email address listed, or your website URL. Please submit specific changes to the staff at APMHA1992@gmail.com

Member Resources:

Members can call on expertise from each other, by posting (writing) to the APMHA email list group at: APMHA@googlegroups.com Almost anything you need related to your practice can be requested through the group.

APMHA CMH Course: Since we began offering the CMH course we have increased the awareness and exposure of APMHA and have gained greater participation in the CMH course. The APMHA-CMH course can be found at our website. Each C.M.H. graduate is provided with their first year membership at no charge and added to the email list group for any support they may need. If you have time to answer a query on the list group, please assist the new members with your combined wealth of knowledge.

The newsletter space is also used for Archiving articles submitted by members. We will have a main index to find articles and subject materials quickly, and they may be submitted at any time, without specific deadlines.

There will be updates from the President and Vice President, Editors Corner, and Member news, and you will be notified when additions and changes have been made on the pages in the APMHA Eye-Witness News, through the email list group.

The Editor’s Corner is used primarily to convey new information which members need to know about the website changes. We’ll always let you know through the private email list group, and drop you a link to get here quickly.

Links to the APMHA site, the HypnosisHelp site, the News area, and the APMHA store – can be found in the footer of each email list group posting.

Feel free to tell other members about your products and services through the email list group. Members are welcome to provide links to products, websites, and/or to articles of interest. Feel free to share any information related to the use of clinical hypnosis by yourself or others.

We continue to forward requests which come to us through the HypnosisHelp site on forms that prospective clients fill out when requesting treatment and appointments calls. If you are in the treatment location requested by the prospective client, please send them an email, with your introduction and an offer of a call to discuss setting up an appointment for them, near the requested time and date if possible.

Membership Renewals:
Please check the renewal date is on your Membership Certificate and ID Card.


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