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Association Bylaws

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Article 1. Name

1.1 The name of this organization is the American Psychotherapy and Medical Hypnosis Association, a not-for-profit, hereinafter called “APMHA”.

Article 2. Purpose

2.1 The purpose of the APMHA is to promote the understanding, use and development of therapeutic hypnosis, for the mental health, medical, and forensic community. To achieve this purpose, the activities of APMHA shall include:

2.1.1 Aid and stimulate mental health professionals and other qualified members in the development of therapeutic skills and application of hypnosis.

2.1.2 Educate mental health professionals and the public about the therapeutic uses of hypnosis, and assist in linking consumers with qualified professionals.

2.1.3 Highlight endeavors by members consistent with the goals of the APMHA.

2.1.4 Provide online discussion forums and news concerning the work of psychotherapy and medical hypnosis.

Article 3. Membership

3.1 There shall be ten divisions of membership: I-Doctor, II-Psychotherapist, III-Nursing, IV Chemical Dependency, V-Social Work, VI- International, VII-Degreed Clergy, III-Degreed Forensic Hypnosis Law Enforcement, IX-Provisional Intern Membership, X-Allied Professionals

3.1.1 Membership shall be open to persons who meet one of the following requirement categories:

a. State Board License, Registration, or Certification, including supervised interns in a Medical or Mental Health field;
b. Master’s Degree and License eligible, if no state board for Counseling Licensure, Registration or Certification is in place in the state of practice;
c. Allied Health Field, Master’s Degree, State Board Licensure, Registration or Certification, and agreement of the Board.
d. State Board Licensed, Registered, or Certified in Hypnosis, who additionally have earned a master’s degree in a medical or mental health field from a regionally accredited college or university.
e. Those who have made a significant contribution to the field of hypnosis, by vote of the Membership.
f. Those who offer the organization a contribution in the growth and promotion of ethical hypnosis, and in the education of the members, by vote of the membership.

3.1.2 A Grandfather clause for prior APMHA Members was approved by the APMHA Board of Directors. These memberships are considered “exceptions” to the regular requirements for APMHA Memberships and will conclude through attrition.

3.1.3 Emeritus Status: An esteemed member who has achieved retirement and who has been a member of APMHA in good standing for the immediate past five years may hold emeritus status in the association. This may be conferred by the Board of Directors with a majority vote through a recommendation by the President of APMHA. These Emeritus Members hold an honorary position, and may also serve out any current position held on the Board of Directors at the invitation of the President. Emeritus members have their dues waived and enjoy the privileges of membership.

3.1.4. Provisional Intern Membership will be approved by a vote of the board when the applicant has completed the following requirements: Master’s Degree in a Mental Health or Medical field from an accredited university, which included a completed practicum; one year remaining for the completion of supervised hours and award of the terminal licensure for independent practice; letter from supervisor verifying that the interns work, using hypnosis, will be supervised. After one year, the provisional membership will expire. Application for an additional year may be submitted to the APMHA Board for approval if the circumstances warrant the extension.

3.2 Termination from membership may occur under the following conditions:

3.2.1 Failure to pay any sums due and owing APMHA in a timely manner, as defined by the Members of the Board.
3.2.2 Resignation filed in writing with the Board or one of its officers.
3.2.3 Upon a two-thirds vote of the Board in instances of violations of ethical or, professional standards, or other conduct which is not consistent with the goals of the APMHA . Additionally, upon the discretion of the Board and upon a two-thirds vote of the Board, a member may be placed on probationary status for a period not to exceed two years.

Article 4. Board of Directors

4.1 The affairs of the APMHA shall be managed by a Board of Directors consisting of three officers and six voting members. Following an election, the President-Elect shall be added to the board for the period following election results and prior to taking office. Additionally, the Board may have Advisory Members with specific expertise or specialty as needed.

4.1.1 The members-at-large shall serve for a four-year term with new members elected each as needed. Officers will serve terms as outlined below in Article 5.
4.1.2 All Officers and Directors shall take office on the first day of January after their election.
4.1.3 Unscheduled vacancies on the Board may be filled by the Board until the next regular election at which time, the Members shall elect a Board member to fill the position for the duration of the vacant term of office.

Article 5. Officers

5.1 The officers of the APMHA shall be the President, the Vice President, and the Past President. All officers must be members in good standing.

5.1.1 The President-Elect shall automatically become the President at the conclusion of the term of President.
5.1.2 The Immediate Vice President shall perform the duties of the President during absence of the President. In cases where the vacancy will be permanent, an interim President shall be selected by the Board for the remaining term of the former President.
5.1.3 The Finance officer position may be filled by appointment, by the Board, of one of its members.

5.2 Terms of Office

5.2.1 The President may serve only one term, consisting of two years each as President, and Past President. The Vice President serves a two year term.

Article 6. Elections and Nominating Committee

6.1 The Nominating Committee shall be composed of three members of the Board. The President will chair the committee, and shall post announcements to the membership in October, via the listserv, to seek nominations for any terms that will end in the following year.
6.2 Persons may be nominated by the Membership of APMHA. Nominations must be sent to the Chair by November 1 of each year to be considered. Nominations must include both the name of the APMHA member being nominated and the Board of Directors position for which the nominee is running.
6.3 Each year, during the month of November, the Nominating Committee shall draw up a ballot of candidates for Board positions to be filled, including nominations from the membership, and shall distribute it to the membership. The elections shall be closed and the Nominating Committee shall tabulate the ballots received within 30 days after distribution of the ballots.

Article 7. Board Meetings

7.1 The monthly meeting dates will be scheduled by the President and will be conducted through chat software or telephone.
7.2 Meetings of the Board shall be held at such times, online, as the Board may determine. A majority of Board members shall constitute a quorum.
7.3 When APMHA Board Members find they are temporarily unable to attend board meetings, they may request, or the president may place them on an inactive list, until that board member can return to the expected level of participation. This action effectively decreases the number of board members and thus the number for a majority that shall constitute a quorum.

Article 8. Recall

8.1 If any voting member believes that an elected officer of the association is not serving the association properly or adequately he/she may initiate a petition to the general membership for the recall of the officer.

8.1.1 Upon a petition of fifteen percent of the membership, a special election by ballot as set forth above in Article 6 will be held on proposals with respect to the recall of members of the Board of Directors. Such recall will be effective upon tabulation of a majority of the APMHA members who vote.

8.2 In the event of an officer other than President being recalled it shall be considered an unscheduled vacancy to be filled as set forth in Article 4. In the event that the President is recalled it shall be considered a long-term vacancy to be filled as set forth in article 5.

Article 9. Biennial Dues

9.1 Annual dues will be charged to all applicants and shall be payable upon admission to membership in APMHA.
9.2 The dues shall be payable each two years
9.3 Initial Joining and re-instatement dues shall be $150 for the first two years and through year 5 of membership. Year 6 – 10 of membership, dues shall be reduced to $75.00 for two years. Year 11+ of membership, dues shall be reduced to $65.00 for two years.
9.4 Dues will be waived for active members of the Board of Directors for the period of their term in recognition of their service to the association. Active participation requires at least 10 months of each year of responsive collaboration.
9.5 Categories of membership will be determined by the Board of Directors.

Article 10. Amendments

10.1 These Bylaws may be amended by a quorum vote of the Board of Directors

10.1.1 Proposed amendments to the bylaws shall be presented to the Board of the APMHA by either a) member of the Board or, B) upon receiving a petition endorsed by not less than 10% of the members of the APMHA.
10.1.2 Voting shall be conducted during a meeting of the Board as set forth in article 6.

Article 11. Disposition of Assets

11.1 In case of dissolution of APMHA all legal debts will be paid and the remaining assets shall be distributed by the Executive Committee in a manner consistent with the APMHA purposes.