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Certification in Medical/Analytical Hypnosis C.M.H.

/Certification in Medical/Analytical Hypnosis C.M.H.
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American Psychotherapy and Medical Hypnosis Association C.M.H. Certification in Medical/Analytical Hypnosis for Licensed Professionals

– Sponsored by APMHA Continuing Education Department

The Regulation of Hypnosis

Many States now have guidelines and regulations regarding the use of hypnosis and may require a State Board License in Medicine, Dentistry, or Mental Health. The American Psychotherapy and Medical Hypnosis Association will not train any person who may be legally prohibited from practice in their state, by virtue of these regulations. Prospective C.M.H. candidates are responsible for having an understanding of the laws of their state regarding hypnosis and hypnotherapy before signing the Registration for the Certification Course.

If you have questions regarding your State regulations, you should contact your State Attorney General’s Office for information regarding the use of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy. While it may appear that a state does not regulate the use of hypnosis, the state psychological association may be able to provide information which includes hypnosis under the psychology practice act for your state. If this is the case, others performing hypnosis could be charged with “practicing as a psychologist, without a license” unless you are covered by another State Board.

We do not train lay hypnotists. Trainees must have a degree from a regionally accredited college, and advanced training in a medical or mental health field, and/or licensing by a State Board of Examiners.

C.M.H. Distance Learning Program – What You Will Learn

Certification requires Program Completion and Testing to demonstrate understanding and practice of clinical treatment, ethical issues of hypnosis and a general theoretical understanding of:

– Historical evolution of Hypnosis from 1700 to modern day usage
– Uses of Medical Hypnosis in the clinical setting / Education / Preparation of the Client
– Selecting appropriate direct and indirect induction techniques
– Transactional Analysis model for Hypnotherapy
– Working with defenses & resistance to maintain subject self-esteem
– Understanding limitations, and when to make appropriate referrals
– Theories of Hypnosis: Barnett, Erickson, Elman, Diamond, Barber, Kroger, Hilgard, Spanos, Watkins
– Medical and Dental Hypnosis
– Working with addictive behaviors
– Age-regression Hypnosis – Effective use of Idiomotor responses
– Working with victims of abuse and avoiding re-traumatization
– Pain control theories and applications – Healing processes for grief and loss
– Ethical and legal concerns – Theories and current debates regarding Medical Hypnosis

Designed for Medical and Mental Health Professionals 6 Week Course Includes:

1. Beginning through Advanced Theory and Field Work Practicum
2. Programmed Study Manual with Weekly Field Work Practicum Assignments
3. Weekly Proficiency Testing -Final Testing Online leading to the C.M.H. Designation
4. One year Membership to APMHA Association–One year subscription Eye Witness Newsletter
5. Publication Opportunities with Article Submissions in National Eye Witness Newsletter
6. Transcript Service To Verify Comprehensive Training
7. Wall Certificate – Wallet Identification Card – APMHA Association Logo Pin
8. Client Referrals to Members in Good Standing–Use of Registered Logo -Access to eMail List Group

For more complete information of this comprehensive CMH Certification Course and an application, send your name, license and degree information, and email address to Admin@APMHA.com or visit for more details.

Please write if you have any questions regarding the course, after you have received the application and reference materials. We provide references from professionals who have completed the course. Visit the APMHA Website at http://APMHA.com

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