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Ethics Credits Online: 3 CEUs Ethics APMHA

/Ethics Credits Online: 3 CEUs Ethics APMHA
Ethics Credits Online: 3 CEUs Ethics APMHA2018-08-20T12:00:41+00:00

Earn 3 CEUs in Ethics $15.00 – Participate *Online in an Ethics Issues Exchange for CE Credit for APMHA Members Only 

Write a 500 word article on one “Contemporary Ethics Issue”
Write four questions and answers about the article you have written. (To be used for other professionals reading your article.)

Pay a fee of $15.00 for your CE Credits and Certificate at: ClickBank

Submit your Article and questions/answers and your name/Address/License # to: APMHA1992@gmail.com (*may be submitted online only)

You will receive your APMHA Ethics CEU Certificate by email within two weeks of your submission. Questions? Write to APMHA1992@gmail.com


Below are the sources for continuing education credits online, to meet professional license renewal requirements. To learn about offered courses and distance learning for continuing education credit, go to:


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Below are the two APMHA logos in use. We have begun using an alternate design for the APMHA logo which views better on the internet. Please feel free to integrate the new design if you prefer. This addition has been designed for easier copying, as many printers had difficulty with the intricacies of the standard logo. There were also problems with the jpeg and gif files used online and the reproduction was not as clear as in print quality. We will continue to use both designs, and you may select the one that fits your needs best. Let us know if you would like a copy emailed to you with an attachment. The logo is also available with APMHA lettering in maroon shade, or you may have your printer change the APMHA lettering to fit your own individual color scheme. A plate can be made your local printer so that you can have the logo sized to your various printing needs.

Members may continue to use either design, with any color scheme to meet your needs.