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American Psychotherapy and Medical Hypnosis Association
At-A-Distance C.M.H.

The CMH Certification in Medical Hypnosis is available to State Board Licensed Medical and Mental Health Professionals who want to add Hypnosis to their practice as a therapeutic treatment tool.  The Course and Certification are intended as an adjunct therapy for professionals, and are not provided for those who do not meet professional education and licensing criteria. 

The C.M.H. At-A-Distance Course is a programmed course of study designed to be completed in six - seven weeks. Study requires approximately 10-15 hours weekly for reading, testing, and field work practicum. The Program takes participants from Beginning through Advanced Theory, with practical application Field Work.

  • Programmed Study Manual with Weekly Assignments
  • Online/mail supervision of assignments and field work
  • Weekly Theoretical and Proficiency Testing
  • Final Written/Oral Testing by Test Proctor Protocol
  • Transcripted scores on testing and field work
  • Certification is achieved by a cumulative point standard

Benefits upon successful completion of C.M.H. include:
First Year APMHA Membership;
Publication Opportunities - Article Submissions to
Eye-Witness NewsTranscript Service; Wall Certificate;
Member Identification Card; APMHA Logo Lapel Pin;

Member Referral Listings at

Client Referrals to APMHA Members in Good Standing. 

Course Fee: $1159.00 Includes All Materials, Testing and Certification.  Add $60.00 Outside USA .  The CMH Certification Course is now Co-Sponsored at and titled as "Clinical Hypnosis"  54 CEU Credits Apply.  To ask for additional information, write to

References available from former students.
State Board License Verification Required

To request an application for the At-A-Distance Certification in Medical Hypnosis and Analytical Hypnotherapy, please provide the following information:

1. Degree and Licensure Status
2. When you would like to schedule the 6- week course.  There  is no penalty for taking up to 7 weeks to complete the course, however a $25.00 per week fee will be charged for extending the completion date beyond seven weeks.  

If you are already trained in hypnosis, and hold a
state board license in medicine or mental health,
Join with us as a Clinical Member of APMHA

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