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APMHA Clinical Members
Authorized Use of APMHA Logo Trademark

Display your APMHA Logo on your office signs, business cards, and office literature. Let others know that you are a Clinical Member of American Psychotherapy and Medical Hypnosis Association.

Please submit a draft or drawing of your proposed use of the Logo to the APMHA office, or by e-mail for written approval. This approval remains in effect for the approved use, and while the APMHA membership is kept current. Please use the words:

Clinical Member” below or near the Logo. Please send drafts of your proposed use of the logo to:

7130 Everhart Road, Suite 32
Corpus Christi, TX 78413
Voice Message Center: 956-203-0608

Or e-mail us at: APMHA1992@gmail.com

2014-2016 Board of Directors

APMHA 2014-2016 President: Dr. Christopher Garrison – ME
APMHA 2014-2016 Vice-President: Dr. J. Gerry Mugford – Canada
APMHA 2014-2016 Past-President: Michael Robinson, MSN, RN-BC – TX
APMHA 2014-2018 Board Member: Tina Ferreria, MA, LPC – TX
APMHA 2014-2018 Board Member: C. Rod Lind, MA, LPC – TX
APMHA 2014-2018 Board Membership Chair: Cynthia Lindner, M.S. – NY
APMHA 2014-2018 Non-Voting/Treasurer – Dr. Judith Allen – TX