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APMHA Membership Application

Please note that information in all fields is required. A fee of $45.00 will be charged for incomplete and non-eligible applications.  If you have questions about eligibility, please email us: Click Here

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APMHA Members will represent themselves to the public and to clients truthfully, with regard to areas of expertise. Specialty designations will be based on accredited training. No false or misleading claims shall be made publicly or in private consultations. Members will make appropriate referrals when client issues are beyond the scope of training, or they will obtain supervision for educational purposes, with prior consent of the client. No Claims of guaranteed results shall be represented to the public, and making claims not based upon documented valid research shall be considered a violation of ethical practices.
I agree to abide by the APMHA Ethical Standards, by representing myself and my experience accurately with clients and colleagues, and to use appropriate methods of referral and/or supervision when treatment is beyond the scope of my training/expertise. I further agree to keep informed of the Laws and State Statues regarding the use of hypnosis in order to protect the welfare of clients/others who may be compromised for ethical/legal reasons.

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ClickBank - 2 yr Membership ($380.00) or PayPal - 2 yr Membership (380.00)

We will email you within 24 hours to confirm that we have received your payment and application. Outside the United States: ClickBank - $380 or PayPal - $380

Mailed in Applications: $380.00 Two-Year Membership (add $15 outside US) ($45 processing fee for returned applications) There is a small additional fee if you wish to charge your APMHA Membership (above). To pay by check:

Send Application/Check to:

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Voice Message Center: 956-203-0608 Make checks payable to APMHA Licensed professionals may apply, (few exempt states). Email us with eligibility questions.