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APMHA Membership Renewal Notes

by Hypno Hound, APMHA Official Mascot and Membership Assistant

Hypno Hound Asks, “Is it Your Renewal Time?”

Please look below to see if it’s time to renew your Clinical Membership in APMHA. Remember the new benefit for long time members, in addition to the savings on the two year option for your dues. These are listed below in the payment links. Thanks! HypnoHound APMHA Official Mascot

American Psychotherapy and Medical Hypnosis Association

Please take the time today to renew your APMHA Membership and support your Association.

1. Mail in Membership cost: 55.00 One Year or 85.00 for 2 Years. (See eligible discounts below for years of membership). Charged memberships are 89.00 to cover charge fees.

For mail in memberships, be sure to use the new discount rates (Below) for long-time members: (ID – look at last digit of Member number) We’ll send a rebate check if you have an error on your years of membership discount. along with your Certificate, ID Card, and Logo Pin.

2. Online Charge: Use the following links to Charge your Membership
Member for 1-5 Years55.00 One Year – 89.00 for 2 Years
Member for 5-10 Years = 45.00 One Year – 75.00 for 2 Years
Member over 10 years = 35.00 One Year – 65.00 for 2 Years
New and Expired Members = 380.00 for 2 years Please Click Here for Membership Application

3. Please check your renewal date below. Stay with APMHA and help your organization to promote public education regarding the ethical use of hypnosis and hypnotherapy in clinical treatment, and to provide safe referrals for individuals seeking competent treatment throughout the United States and other countries.

4. Note: Only current members in good standing may use the trademarks of APMHA or to advertise that they are clinical members of APMHA. If your membership renewal is going to be delayed, please send us a note to that effect to:APMHA1992@gmail.com

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please let us know if you plan to renew, but are delayed for any reason. It is a time consuming process to close a membership, and then reinstate and create it later, Thanks ! When memberships expire, member services on the website, the email list group, APMHA Member website, and client referral information will be discontinued. Expired members may no longer use the APMHA Logo.

APMHA Membership Renewal Date is MAY 1 of the Renewal Year For All Members.

1. Your Certificate of Membership will have the expiration/renewal date stated at the bottom.

2. Your APMHA Membership ID Card will have your expiration date stated at the top of the card..

Please note, a new application is required for memberships which have lapsed into “terminated” status. Please complete new application here

APMHA Applications are available to State Board Licensed Medical and Mental Health Professionals