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Therapeutic Hypnosis

//Therapeutic Hypnosis

Therapeutic Hypnosis

Derek Jansen, Ph.D., shared the following report with the membership.

Dr. Jansen Reports: “Fresh off the presses here in the land of JAMA and all the Harvard Medical schools and affiliated hospitals…

During a recent six month trial at Beth Israel-Deaconess Hospital’s Mind-Body program, 73% of participants in relaxation programs experienced relief from chronic fatigue syndrome. The reports this is compared to a national average of 23% who improve with other forms of treatment (control?). The participants reported increased energy. longer and more restful periods of sleep and better concentration at work. Most interesting to me was that they reported shorter periods of fatigue and felt they could intervene during those periods. This, I think, could have long lasting mental health implications. At any rate, I think this could produce some renewed interest in group and individual work. certainly for teaching self-hypnosis.

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