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The American Psychology and Mental Health Association provides competent, professional and caring articles, treatment advice and referrals, written by experts, clinicians, and researchers for different fields of psychology. APMHA offers Certification Training to licensed medical and mental health professionals. It also provides a professional network for licensed professionals to draw on each other’s knowledge from different theoretical perspectives and training.

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Our History

In 2020 the APMHA website was remade and converted into a portal with articles and information to help those in need find psychological help and information. The name was updated to the American Psychology and Mental Health Association to more widely help and cover a base of different issues.

In 1992 The American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, the most prominent organization at the time, did not allow membership of Master’s degreed professionals. ASCH provided membership for some M.D./PhD. degreed participants, but dictated that only their training would be allowed. Although many of the ASCH members who initiated this ruling were trained by lay hypnotists, this exclusionary practice failed to provide an organization for professionals trained in other methods recognized by their respective State Board authorities.

There were also many non-professional organizations, and pseudo “Boards” which, for a price, admitted members who held no formal education in mental health, medicine or law enforcement. The group had concerns related to hypnotists conducting treatment, who were not formally trained in mental health or medicine and who were not eligible for licensure. (See “Lay vs. Professional” By Dr. Steve K.D. Eichel.)


Essentially, it was out of the void between these two types of hypnosis organizations that a need for American Psychotherapy and Medical Hypnosis Association developed. APMHA provides training for professionals. The C.M.H. Certification training is not a prerequisite or criteria for membership. As long as licensing requirements are met, members trained by other organizations are accepted without discrimination.

APMHA provided an online newsletter, the Eye-Witness News, and an Email list group which both serve as forums for the exchange of professional information and hypnosis-related articles. Through the email list group and newsletter, APMHA provided networking and announces events and practice offerings of members of American Psychotherapy and Medical Hypnosis Association. This also gave members an opportunity to publish their writing.

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Andrew is the director of APMHA and serves in helping grow and develop the organization 

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Martyna Bobek is a Licensed Social Worker and a Certified Trauma Professional. She specializes in neuroscience-informed psychotherapy for trauma and stressor-related disorders. As an active content writer, Martyna publishes articles in the mental health niche and develops group therapy programming.
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