Affordable Christian counseling near me? Reach out and we’ll find the perfect help for you online today.

It can be challenging to find affordable Christian counseling near me. However, there are a lot of options available to those who want custom-tailored sessions with someone on their team. They can help with any life problems and provide you with a unique personalized experience.

Let’s make things a bit easier by pointing you to a Christian-based counseling service that we think would be beneficial. It has affordable pricing and top customer satisfaction ratings.

More therapists are needed since there’s such an uptick in mental health issues, but what are the benefits of using Christian-owned services? They’re reliable and provide both spiritual counseling as well as mental health advice.

These online counseling services are designed to help Christian individuals find a therapist with whom they share values, a religious mindset, or interests.

If you are a practicing Christian and are looking for Christian counseling services near you, we have compiled a comprehensive list of those near you.

Faithful Counseling is a good online Christian counseling service that offers affordable counseling near you.

Faithful Counseling is an online counseling platform. Clients have easy access to licensed psychotherapists who are Christian and offer location-independent therapy sessions by phone, in person, or virtually anywhere.

To cut to the chase, we highly recommend Faithful Counseling due to its large number of licensed Christian therapists on staff. They are a great low-cost option for those who want to experience instant access and convenience. They have received reviews from other Christians which speaks volumes!

Faithful Counseling combines Biblical knowledge and clinical expertise in the psychology field to incorporate religion. They use that to develop goals and plans.

This platform uses a holistic approach to improve clients’ well-being by focusing on mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

Its Easy to signup & the best to match

At Faithful Counseling, you will be matched to someone who specializes in these types of therapies after you fill out a short questionnaire and sign up.

This website offers a variety of therapists from different backgrounds near you quickly and for affordable prices. Christian counseling is provided without breaking the bank

A Christian therapist with online counseling experience.

Our counseling and therapy professionals have a wide range of expertise with various psychological and mental health problems like depression, anxiety, stress, relationship issues, and more. They can help you feel better as soon as possible.

These Christian counselors work with clients by incorporating a religious component into their clinical method. Along with resolving your questions and problems, Christian counseling helps provide an opportunity to grow in faith.

A convenient, affordable Christian counseling platform near you

Of course, you can contact your therapist anytime via text messages, live chat, call, or video conference.

After subscribing to the program, you can work with your counselor any time of the day from any device. You can always tell your counselor to send you specific messages to refresh and reflect upon. Only registered users who have access to your subscription will automatically be renewed after one year if you don’t cancel it.

The Faithful Counseling app can also be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices and is a great option for those who need to talk to someone.

Its Private & safe

Additionally, this website also has a strict privacy policy. You don’t need to give your full name when signing up and the conversation between you and your therapist is also secured and encrypted.

Highly affordable

Another positive aspect of this website is that it provides affordable Christian counseling services. The length of your subscription and the total cost varies among different levels ($40-$70 per month). This way you can be sure to get quality service while saving a significant amount of money.

There is an endless list of positive reviews.

Faithful Counseling is one of the best online Christian counseling services in 2020 as reported by ( and also by (www. e-counseling).

Why is it so affordable?

Faithful Counseling’s pricing is way cheaper than many other counseling agencies in San Francisco because they save a lot of money on the rental and the cost of employee labor for consulting offices.An elite size team can be better tailored to serve the needs of their customers & audiences. They offer a more specialized approach to therapy, ensuring quality customer service and high-quality content.

Is there a reason that it can’t be free?

Faithful Counseling is a privately owned company that doesn’t rely on outside funding to support its network of professional counselors. To sustain their operation and continue producing quality content, the platform needs subscriptions so that a portion of these fees offsets the costs of maintaining the service. This fee also covers staff members in other departments, including customer support and analytics.

There are some other significant pros of this website when compared to other online Christian therapy. You will be assigned to the therapist, based on the level of religiosity you would like.

You can still benefit from this service even if you are a non-believer. It’s important to provide clients with clinical services without involving religious and Christian teachings. You can choose to use a non-Biblical approach in your treatment plan and talk with a counselor to be sure you’re providing the most effective experience possible for clients.

Faithful Counseling is offering free educational seminars on various topics such as marriage, parenting, work & relationships. They also base their prices around the quality of service they provide and are very affordable.

There are some cons to this website. There are no traditional pastoral counselors at these clinics, and sometimes the online platform will have clients complete a live assessment before therapy begins which can be unnerving for some.

However, there are no significant loopholes uncovered in the service provided by this site, making it a highly authentic and recommended online Christian counseling service.

There are several affordable Christian Counseling options close to where you live.

Christian counseling

Christian counseling is an online Christian counseling website that focuses on helping individuals explore a variety of options. They offer traditional face-to-face as well as online services and strive to combine a Christian perspective with clinical excellence.

To receive services, you need to pick a location, select a therapist from the counselors listed and schedule an appointment. The charges vary from $55 to $175 for that particular therapist and they are available from 9 am to 9 pm on weekdays.

This website doesn’t offer direct communication with the therapist and has a much broader scope than the prior.


People need to have access to Christian counselors who specialize in religious and spiritual matters. This online platform offers free counseling services for people in need of it during their company work hours from Monday-Friday

To find a therapist, you need to complete intake forms so that you can get matched to the right one as per your issues, the availability of therapists, and what type of working style they prefer. Then, after registering for an online session, you can meet for 45 minutes on your own time.

This website claims to offer free Christian counseling, however, the first session is required for $45 with a refundable deposit of $45 for each scheduled meeting. If you do not show up for your session, there will be a fee deducted. This service is not recommended anymore in nature and should only be used as a last resort.

Our First choice for online Christian counseling

Faithful Counseling is an online Christian counseling option that provides you with therapists who are Christians and have vast clinical expertise, making them a good solution for your needs.

Faithful Counseling provides great therapy services that go beyond just being effective and efficient. They also provide services for mental health, spiritual health, and faith. The best online therapy you can get at an affordable price is Christian counseling. You don’t have to worry if the service near me meets your needs and you will never be disappointed (with the quality).

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