Virtual Therapy: The Best Virtual Psychology Online of 2021

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Do you need a good virtual psychologist? Access to virtual therapists that offer support for any kind of mental health issue is crucial Here at APMHA we highly recommend BetterHelp for online mental health counseling sessions. It’s been used over 12 million times, so it’s worth the try! They offer the largest set of therapists … Read more

Online Christian Premarital Counseling. Pre-Marriage Questions and Answers Sessions.

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Getting engaged is a big step in life. Being in a long-term relationship is also a significant transitional phase. The couple needs to set their expectations for this relationship and think about whether they’re ready to commit long-term before getting married. Some churches provide pre-marriage counseling that will help couples understand the meaning of marriage … Read more

Online EMDR counseling: Find the best-certified EMDR therapist near me.

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Violence, abuse, and natural disasters happen to most, if not all of us. It’s normal to go through some sort of traumatic experience. Early childhood is pivotal in shaping us into who we are, but sometimes what happens to us can have a lasting impression. This includes things like emotional neglect that can leave the … Read more

8 Excellent Activities for Mindfulness Group Therapy Exercises

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Mindfulness can best be summed up as focusing on the present moment and recognizing your thoughts, feelings, and sensations. After reading this article you’ll know what mindfulness group activities adults might enjoy, as well as some therapy groups that focus on mindfulness. 1. Body Scan exercise One of the most popular mindfulness group therapy activities … Read more