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Sex plays a significant role in human interactions. However, we are still hesitant to discuss or seek professional help for our sexual concerns and difficulties. If you are looking to mend your broken sex life, you could begin with an online search for “sexologist near me”, an essential step on your road to recovery. 

A Sexologist is a person who has studied sexual behavior and human sexuality. While some Sexologists decide to pursue careers as public policy lobbyists, sex educators, and sex researchers, others explore a career as a sex therapist.

Who is a Sex Therapist?

Being a Sexologist (or sex therapist) is not a scandalous undertaking, as the name may suggest. A sex therapist works directly with clients in a clinical setting to help them address interpersonal, personal, medical, and psychological factors affecting their sexual satisfaction. This, a Sexologist specializing in sex therapy, will help address both your mental and sexual issues.

Sex therapy aims at helping patients move past emotional and physical difficulties to have pleasurable sexual experiences and satisfying relationships. Other than Sexologists, various types of mental health experts can also practice sex therapy. They include: 

  • Psychologists
  • Social workers
  • Psychotherapists
  • Psychiatric nurses
  • Marriage and family counsellors

An excellent sexual largest will have skills and experience beyond the ordinary understanding of sex. In your search for the “sexologist near me,” it is essential to choose wisely. The right sex therapist will engage you in two parallel but separate conversations. 

The first conversation will revolve around the emotional well-being of the relationship. The second one is sexual health. You might assume that if your sex life is improving, your emotional health will be too, and vice versa. However, that is far from the truth. Your sexologist should help you address both challenges simultaneously.

What Can A “Sexologist Near Me” Help Me Control?

While a sexologist can have a good idea on how to help you and your partner reach “the finish line”, that is not the only objective of sex therapy. Challenges with intimacy and libido typically start with the other underlying mental issues that are not bedroom-related. Thus, it’s your sexologist’s job to identify and help you address matters outside the bedroom that cause your sexual anxieties and dysfunction.

In your “sexologist near me” search, choose a professional with skills and experience in a wide range of problems for clients seeking therapy. You’re sexually just should have training and experience with topics such as:

  • Hormonal challenges and disorders
  • Low libido 
  • Treatment of sex abusers
  • Gender-based sexual violence and post-traumatic stress disorder treatment
  • LGBT counselling and sexual concern
  • Sexuality and culture 
  • Sexual compulsivity 
  • Sex addiction

sex therapy

In helping you to recover, the sex therapist will use their skills and knowledge to teach you ways of overcoming many issues, including:

Anxiety or Stress Around Sex: if you have a history of conditions such as erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, your anxiety in such areas may impact your performance in bed.

Mismatch or Lack of Sexual Desires: if you or your partner do not experience the same frequency or amount of sexual desires or orgasm, it can affect your future experiences around sexuality.

Issues with Sexual Arousal: difficulties in achieving orgasm or having sexual arousal are common among many couples who experience a poor sex life. Most couples, especially aging ones, grapple with sexual arousal problems. While the cause of the problem could be medical, it is often psychological, and a sexologist can help you overcome it.

Sexual Trauma: victims of sexual abuse often experience ongoing abnormalities around sex.

Painful Sex: anxiety and stress can lead to painful intercourse, especially among women. However, the problem could also be medical. In your search for a good “sexologist near me,” you could find a good sex expert who can help isolate problems in the bed that are sexual from those that are medical and advise you accordingly.

Self-Esteem and Body-Shaming Issues: some societies place a premium on physical attractiveness and sexual appeal. Such issues can challenge a person’s self-esteem and extend into their bedroom.

Gender Identity Issues: if you are uncomfortable with your current gender identity (sexual orientation), you may experience mismatched desires or lack of sexual appeal in your partner.

Life Circumstances: some people reach a point where they must approach sex differently because of accidents, having kids, relocation, medical conditions, and even stressful or demanding jobs. Such issues can affect someone’s performance in bed.

Standard methods that a Sexologist can use to help you overcome your sexual problems and improve your sexual relationship and personal beliefs about sex may include:

  • Expiration of sex-related fantasies, but in a safe environment 
  • Discussing and setting healthy sex goals
  • A rehearsal of a sex script to help you get used to having a positive association with sex and learn to have sex in a free and healthy manner
  • Learning different forms of expressing sexual desires 
  • Dealing with the sex/love addiction
  • Obsession and sexual compulsion
  • Separating unhealthy from healthy sexual acts and dealing with fetishes
  • Identifying your sexual triggers and improving on them
  • Sensory activities that encourage practising of intimacy within and outside the bedroom 

What Type of Therapy Sexologist Recommend

Sex therapy is a fantastic way of prioritizing your mental wellness and sexual health. It will give you a non-judgmental and compassionate environment to discuss your sex-related issues and their treatment.

The recommendations a sexologist gives vary from client to client and the type of care you need. The recommended therapy will depend on the specialization of the professional, the standard treatment options used in their facility, and what you are looking for, and the severity of your condition.

Standard therapies for treating sexual dysfunctions and achieving sexual health include:

  • Dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT) (1)
  • Interpersonal psychotherapy 
  • Couples therapy 
  • Cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) (2)
  • Mindfulness practices

couple sex therapy

Couple Sex Therapy

Couple sexual relationships typically have ups and downs that open drive them to grow and explain their reasons. You aren’t alone; we all grapple with bedroom challenges at some point. Sadly, the media typically portrays sex in marriage are hot and easy; you could think that you’re the only one not having loads of sex.

Having good sex in marriage doesn’t often come easy. The newlyweds find it hard to make necessary changes in their sexual life and adjust to new realities. Children and parental responsibilities exhaust and grappling with kids usually shift priorities elsewhere, and sex is often the first casualty. Relational resentments, male-pause, and menopause are a pain in the neck for old couples who have lived together for years.

A sexologist knows how stressed or anxious you feel about discussing sex with your partner. With a sex therapist, nothing is taboo or off limits to discuss. In your “Sexologist near me” search, ensure you indicate that you need a couple-therapists.

Your sexologist will initiate the conversation, giving each party a chance to speak their minds. You will express your concerns, fears, anxieties, and mental issues in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

 However, it is not enough for a sexologist to hear you describe your bedroom struggles. They want you to take action. After your first therapy session, your therapist will likely suggest that you do something specific together with your partner at home. The activity is essential for gathering the necessary data, helping you get used to doing things together henceforth, and getting the experience of doing things even better. 

While the first therapy session and activity may seem uncomfortable to get everything going, this initial awkwardness is worth trying. After identifying bedroom issues that are ailing your marriage, your  Sexologist will design a customized treatment plan for your specific needs.

Sex Addiction Therapy 

If you or your partner experience sexually motivated behaviors that appear compulsive, it could be a red flag for sex addiction. Sex addiction often interferes with the victim’s emotional well-being, social life, and even physical health. It is typically doesn’t improve until you get professional help.

A sexologist using compassionate therapy can help you develop healthy relationships and intimacy and sex. typical sex addiction signs include:

  • Thank you, compulsive pornography masochistic, sadistic sexual behaviour 
  • Yoverism
  • Marital infidelity
  • Prostitution
  • Over-musterbation

If you get lucky and find an experienced professional in your search for a “sexologist near me”, they will help you overcome your sex addiction. The therapist will do so by helping you deal with underlying issues that are fueling your sex/porn. You’ll also acquire skills to help you cope with the negative behaviors, feelings, and thoughts in a safe and healthy manner.

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Online Sex Therapy

Therapy is no longer limited to face-to-face physical talks between patients and therapists sitting in the same room. Life is busy for most people. Moreover, eventualities such as covid-19 can make it hard to move from office to office seeking mental care. 

Fortunately, Tele video platforms can help you get the same services as face-to-face therapy. Regain is an excellent online therapy platform for anyone looking for help with issues around intimacy, relationships, sexuality, and sex.

The platform makes it easy to get in touch with a sexologist who can help address whatever issue you might be grappling with in your sex life. Regain has many options for attending your sessions, including messages, video calls, live chats, and phone calls. 

The incredible thing about it again is that you can choose to include your partner either from the start or after you already started your sessions. It makes the service customizable, irrespective of your or your partner’s levels of comfort. Your therapist Sexologist can attach worksheets now and then for you to complete, which you can open and complete on a mobile device or a desktop

The platform’s services are pretty intuitive, and both desktop and mobile applications of the service are easy to use. 

The Bottom Line

In your search for “sexologist near me,” you also need to understand that finding the right sexologist might appear like dating. While the person might have perfect qualifications and experience, sexologists are humans. You might run into one with their old-fashioned views and sexual hang-ups or adjust a personality that doesn’t match your test. Nevertheless, when you get the right one, the feeling can be wonderful. Keep searching if you haven’t found one.

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(2) CBT –

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