Black Sex Therapist and Sexologists. The Best African American therapists Options Online.

When deciding on a sex therapist, safety is king. You’ll want a sex therapist who makes you feel safe and understands your past trauma. Online therapy with a Black sex therapist can help you work with issues in an environment & culture that feels safe to you.

Best Black Sexologists – Regain

You can easily a Black sexologist you would like to work with on Regain.

Regain Therapy is a place where African American therapists can assist clients with sexuality questions, learning about their sexual orientation, and work through personal issues that they may have.

African American sex therapists at you can encounter on Regain

Jude Austin

black sex therapist

Dr. Jude is an experienced sex therapist, licensed in both marriage and family therapy and clinical mental health counseling. He has worked extensively with LGBT issues, sexual jealousy, abuse, body image, shame & more. Dr. Jude would love to help you tackle these complex problems!


Rabiia Ali

black sex therapist 2 5

Rabiia is a Black sexologist and Marriage and Family Therapist. She has experience working with LGBT clients, as well as providing therapy for issues like intimacy, codependency, nonmonogamous relationships, anxiety & depression.


How can it you find a Black sexologist?

Regain provides online therapy for relationships, specializing in matching you with the therapist that suits your needs best. When you sign up, you answer questions about yourself and the type of therapist that would be most beneficial to you. You can also request a specific therapist.

What makes our Black sex therapy stand out?

  • Regain provides you with a lot of licensed therapists that have a Doctorate or Master’s degree and over 1000 hours of work experience.
    • You can always see a therapist quickly as we’re fully staffed.
    • If you want to choose how you receive your counseling, then Regain’s online sessions offer a level of privacy and flexibility not found in in-person sessions. You can have a session from the comfort of your own home using a tablet, computer or even your phone.
    • It’s easy to find African American therapists on Regain. All of the therapists listed on the site are licensed as marriage and family therapists, clinical social workers, professional counselors, or psychologists. As you can tell, all of them have at least 3 years and 1000 hours of experience under their belt.


A subscription to Regain costs just $40 to $70 per week, billed monthly. The price included unlimited messaging, therapy sessions, and the use of the platform. Of course, you can cancel your subscription at any time.


Black sex therapy helps African Americans and couples in sexuality and intimacy in a private, safe space at a reasonable price

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