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Sex is a topic that many Christians find difficult to discuss with their priest. This is why it’s important to know about the different types of Christian sex therapists and enter this conversation knowing they understand your faith and concerns. This article can help you find Christian sex counseling that will be able to help you through tough times. Finding a qualified professional should be one of your priorities to ensure you are making progress.

When I was looking for a Christian sex therapist, I found it much quicker to search the internet. Not only did it save me time, but it also meant I didn’t have to call each place individually and be put on hold for ages.

Faithful Counseling is best sex therapy for Christians.

Faith Counseling is a website that brings together, experienced Christian certified counselors to make it easy for Christians to find quality mental health care. We all come from different backgrounds and experiences, but the beauty of this platform is that you can fill out a brief questionnaire to find the perfect therapist for you. You don’t have to worry about the cost, they’ll work with your budget.

How Faithful Counseling does it work?

When you create a profile, you answer a series of questions that allow their matching system to find the right counselor or therapist for your needs. The questions range from the basics, like your age and gender, to other more in-depth questions depending on what you’re looking for help with. When you fill in the questionnaire, we’ll match you with a specialist who will get in touch with you via e-mail

You can reply to the email anytime if you want a session. Conversations are always free. You can talk about it more in-depth with your therapist through this message and make plans for future conversations if needed.

What makes Christian sex counseling the best?


  • The counselors we provide are practicing Christians who can bring a spiritual element to your conversations. Whether you ask uncomfortable questions about their faith is up to you, but we know where they stand – and so will you.
  • Our counselors combine both clinical and spiritual perspectives, allowing them to offer a more comprehensive view of mental health. While our professional services are primarily grounded in the “here-and-now,” we also consider the role of faith.
  • Our staff is made up of reputable and experienced social, psychological, and professional counselors. When you want a certified counselor who specializes in sex counseling, you can rely on us to provide this professionally.
  • There are a lot of counselors on this site, so you’re sure to find the right one for you. If you don’t click with your counselor, just contact their support team and they will switch you over. This way, there won’t need to answer difficult background questions all over again
  • Online counseling is fairly affordable. Depending on the session, rates can be lower than what you will find in an in-person session elsewhere.
  • You can choose either live chat, phone calls, or video conference for your sessions.
  • You can work with us anytime, anywhere—from the comfort of your own home.
  • The availability options allow you to use your device of choice.


  • Some people find that video conferencing is not a suitable replacement for in-person counseling sessions
  • Not all of our counselors are Christian; they can offer help in other areas besides sex therapy, including social anxiety and issues with family & work.
  • Depending on how you go about it, a stable internet connection can be vital (dependent on whether you go with video sessions).


FaithfulCounseling offers an easy payment method at affordable costs: You are billed monthly, so you don’t have to remember to pay before or after every session. You pay between 40 to 70 dollars a week, depending on the program that you choose.

Need more Christian sex therapy options? Try Regain

Regain is another platform from the Better Help group. This site focuses on marriage and couples counseling meaning they have a sex therapist for couples who need a Christian perspective.

Pros & cons of Regain


  • All the counselors on Regain have experience with marriage, couples, and sex counseling. So you can rest assured that the topics you want to discuss are familiar to them.
  • In addition to that, there are a few reasons why Regain shares the same benefits as FaithfulCounseling: it’s easy to use, offers a flexible schedule, and is affordable. As with Faithful Counseling, all of the therapists and counselors on this website share. All our solicitors have a master’s or doctorate and can provide counseling in multiple fields. Some of the solicitors on the website also appear on other websites.


  • Regain is not made up of 100% Christian therapists. You can mention that your faith is important to you, but it might take some shopping around before they match you with someone who shares your beliefs.No question, you can still ask to change to another counselor when you feel they don’t provide the right fit for your needs.
  • Regain doesn’t offer three-way video conferencing, so you and your partner will still need to be in the same location for counseling to take place.

Regain pricing

Regain has a similar pricing package as Faithful Counseling – just 40 to 70 USD weekly, billed monthly. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

In Conclusion on Christian sex therapy

I was looking for Christian therapists near me and came across Faithful Counseling And Regain. Both services offer good options, with Faithful Counseling promising Christian counselors that can address your need for sex therapy or couple’s counseling.

All of the therapists on Regain have experience with couples counseling, but not all of them are practicing Christians. Both websites will help you find a sex therapist that is right for you, whether they’re religious or not.

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