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Regain is an online platform where couples can find the right relationship therapist. We have therapists with in-depth experience in working with couples and marriage counseling.

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How does Regain work?

From the beginning, you answer a series of questions about yourself to start the process like your age, if you’re in a relationship or not, and how you’ve been feeling. You can either sign up for individual counseling or couple’s counseling.

Why are Regain’s relationship consulting services so good?

  • All the professional staff of Regain is trained and certified. They specialize in different types of therapy such as marriage counseling, for example.
  • All of the counselors at Regain are experienced in couples counseling and couples therapy.
  • The pricing plan is more affordable than typical in-person counseling.
  • The flexible online platform allows for many different ways to connect with your advisor. Whether it be live chat, phone call, or video conference, the time of day/hours are up to you.

Regain is the best option if you’re looking for discretion. Video conferences are never needed because our online sessions are anonymous. There’s also no risk of bumping into someone you know while filling out your intake form because that always happens offline at one of our offices.

Pricing Options

Regain offers you the flexibility to manage your own budget and payment plan. You can choose between payments of $40 – $70 per week to suit both your budget and needs.

Relationship Consulting for Christians

Christian counselors are often concerned about including their faith in their therapy process. If this is important for you, then Faithful Counseling might be the right match for you.

What is it? – Faithful Counseling

Faithful Counseling is a Christian-based counseling service that can be a great alternative to Regain. All of the therapists that they have on the website are Christians and they have all signed a Statement of Faith that is posted on their site.

Faithful Counseling has a lot of similarities to Regain but also a couple of differences. The good news is that they offer Christian counselors to those who are devoutly religious while some people might find the focus on marriage counseling as a con of Faithful Counseling, as it’s not as well-equipped for other, different types of counseling. Among the counselors at Faithful Counseling, many have experience with relationship therapy.


Pros & cons

Faithful Counseling may seem expensive but they offer a pricing plan very similar to Regain – 40-70 dollars a week, which is billed monthly.

Pride Counseling for Gay Couples

At Pride Counseling, we provide counseling for an LGBT community. With us, you’ll get the support and care that you deserve.

Pros and Cons

The biggest pro in choosing Pride Counseling is that their counselors are from the LGBT community and can relate to LGBT issues. Whether you’re in a same-sex relationship or just dealing with gender identity issues, Pride Counseling might be the right choice for you.


Pride Counseling offers a similar pricing plan as Regain and Faithful Counseling – 40 to 70 dollars per week which are billed monthly.

In Conclusion

One of the most important aspects of relationship problems is finding a competent counselor to help you. Online counseling platforms offer an accessible and affordable way to find the right one and seeing multiple counselors until you find the right match for your needs is also advisable. We’re confident that you’ll find the right counselor at Regain, Faithful Counseling, or Pride Counseling.

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