Court ordered co-parenting counseling. Your Best Therapy Options for Divorced or Separated Parents.

Co-parenting counseling online is growing in popularity over the last year or two. For many, it makes a tough situation easier. 

However, picking a co-parenting therapist that matches your needs can be difficult. It’s crucial to pick one that is specialized in co-parenting counseling so they’ll understand your situation and how to help.

At APMHA, we strongly recommend two therapy sites, Regain and Better Help. They have dozens of different therapists to choose from if you’re looking for someone just like you.

court ordered co parenting counseling

They are significantly cheaper than face-to-face therapists but are just as good. They have a questionnaire that is able to match you to the most appropriate therapist based on your needs.

Therapy sessions are always available to you – just log into your session at any time that suits.

We start by completing this questionnaire. Once you’ve completed it to its fullest, a therapist will contact you shortly after.

Some people’s life plans don’t work out the way they hoped. Divorce rates are slowly declining in many countries including the UK and US. For around 40 to 50% of couples whose marriages end in divorce, the saying “life doesn’t always work out as you planned” is certainly true.No matter what caused a marriage to break down and whether or not it was a mutual decision, most marriages can’t just end without any communication.

Working on logistics can be difficult, especially when finances need to be sorted out or you have to find new living arrangements. Children are usually the top priority, so they often require more attention. Almost always there are likely to be pangs of regret on either side of the separation for some time afterward. Luckily, abiding by some guidelines can help mitigate many difficulties that usually come with

This is where co-parenting therapy or an online therapist can help. The separation of parents can be very hard on kids so it’s good to have someone independent giving you advice.

What is co-parenting therapy?

Often offered at co-parenting classes or as a standalone service, co-parenting counseling is the opposite of marriage counseling. It focuses first and foremost on any children involved in the breakup. Being able to focus on the positives of change is important for parents, and this is never more true than when you go through a divorce. It’s not just for divorced parents either; breaking up can be difficult for any couple.

If you are a parent who is going through a divorce, we advise you to get in touch with us today. We will be able to provide you with information about our therapy services and how we can help you regain the necessary skills to care for your children while making the adjustment back into single-parenting smoothly.

Time to take control of your life today!

One of the many struggles that come with co-parenting is the challenge of maintaining open and honest communication between both parties. Couples who are experiencing marital strife or other concerns might find it challenging to maintain this. The relative anonymity of co-parenting counseling online can remove some of this pressure which offers significant relief to couples struggling in their relationship.

Similar to traditional face-to-face counseling, it’s best if both parents get along with the therapist. That’s why we put together this list of websites that offer online parent counseling services.


Regain is mostly advertised as an online counseling website that specializes in relationships. They do have helpful information on divorce, but for couples who are beyond marriage counseling, there isn’t anything to offer them.

For now, the website does not allow three-way live chat sessions so both parents would have to use the same device. This can be troublesome in circumstances where parents are separated many miles apart.


Relate Online provides therapists who specialize in children & families. They offer a webcam chat, live chat, or email too!.


This is another UK-based service that will likely catch your interest. It includes a database in which you can search through different providers in the UK with a focus on humanistic counseling. Humanistic counseling is an approach that emerged from Gestal, cognitive and analytic therapies that are also linked to psychoanalytic theory. This human-centered treatment of counseling has been proven to be more successful in many areas but there’s not much research on the topic so far.

court ordered co parenting counseling 2

Co-parenting classes

Many US sites offer to parent or co-parenting classes online. These can come with a completion certificate that you could produce in court if need be to prove attendance. This post outlines various online classes to consider if you are interested in higher education.


Offering co-parenting counseling online as part of their mandatory and voluntary classes, has a variety of classes available to choose from. The focus on helping children is admirable, although I think it’s important to teach parents these interventions too. The website seems to be written with young children in mind, rather than their parents – who are more likely to need it.


The Conscious Co-Parenting Institute provides psycho-educational courses for all family members. They can provide you with a way to enjoy your best relationship as a single parent. Unfortunately, the service they offer is too expensive for most people so it’s great for those who can afford it. However, many people might not be able to pay for this option but they often say that the most common reason for divorce is money so perhaps soon they’ll have a more affordable option.

Life always carries on…

Breaking up is hard to do. Divorce can be one of the most stressful, emotional events in an adult’s life. It’s also just as difficult for kids, who probably already have enough to worry about with their day-to-day lives. There is no sense in struggling with anxiety. Online therapy can provide you with quick relief and at the same time enable you to focus on co-parenting counseling to forge a brighter future for your child.

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