The Pros & Cons of FaceTime Therapy & Counseling Sessions.

With the evolution of technology, people now have more access to their well-being and mental health as they’re able to go online and get face time counseling from the comfort of their own homes. Online therapy is becoming a popular option in the field of psychology, but here are some considerations before going for it:

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The Pros

Online therapy is becoming more available which can help make mental health care more accessible, much easier to find, and cheaper. This will benefit the masses in a positive way by providing them with much better mental health treatment no matter their location or income bracket.

Many who live in remote areas or who don’t want to leave their home, and those who prefer to type than speak can find it easy and convenient to use this service.

The cost-effectiveness of online therapy is an important reason why it’s so popular. We offer a simple one-off fee with no ongoing commitment to set up. You won’t need to drive to any appointments, thus saving you time and petrol costs.

What are the best FaceTime-based counseling and therapy sessions?

Here’s a list of all the well-known platforms and websites we found but we can’t guarantee they’re all trustable.BetterHelp provides online therapy via FaceTime for those with mental health and psychological issues. By doing so, their platform is convenient and easy to access, as well as affordable.

BetterHelp team consists of skilled and experienced professionals who will provide you with the help you need anytime, whether it’s a time of crisis or something less serious.

BetterHelp ensures that its team is both professional and efficient. It uses a variety of methods to provide guaranteed results, including counselors with different specializations:

  • depression,
  • anxiety,
  • stress,
  • eating and sleeping problems,
  • addiction and abuse,
  • bereavement and grief,
  • family and relationship issues,
  • parenting difficulties,
  • self-esteem and confidence problems,
  • LGBT matters, and much more.

Your needs will be matched with a therapist. If you don’t feel the assigned therapist is a good fit for you, we can choose a new one who better suits your needs and preferences. Betterhelp provides various means of communication and interaction with users, such as text messaging, chat rooms, and video chats.

98% of people who used a recent study by the Berkeley Well-Being Institute suggest that BetterHelp is more beneficial than traditional therapy for their mental health problems. The popularity of BetterHelp implies that it is one of the top online programs for FaceTime counseling for various mental health problems.

ReGain is another E-platform that’s centered on relationship advice. The website has a board of certified psychologists, marriage and family therapists, social workers, and counselors with degrees or certifications in their fields of expertise.

ReGain offers services that are perfect for individuals or couples looking to repair relationships or deal with problems.

ReGain provides you and your partner with the convenience of scheduling and getting help at any place and time. Moreover, the professional services they offer are highly discreet & reasonable.

When you come to ReGain, we will match you with a counselor who is certified in the area of your need and who has the expertise to address your issues. Counselors utilize different approaches and methods, but all will focus on working towards the same goal: achieving resolution.

You’ll be assigned to one of our top therapists. If you’re not happy, you can always request another. ReGain offers a variety of communication tools like the live chat platform and message inbox that allow for a number of ways to communicate with your therapist or their team at any given time.

The communication between you and your counselor will be private and confidential. This platform is for those who want to improve their relationship and would like to work out issues that might be getting in the way of their happy and fulfilling relationship. It’s an array of tools designed to help couples

As this is a personalized and efficient platform for FaceTime therapy, you can be sure that your time with us will not go to waste. We provide specialized therapists and everything is tailor-made for your needs.


Teen counseling offers a variety of professionally-certified online counseling services for teens. They also have access to state-certified professionals 24 hours a day to help you with any needs you may need. You’ll need to go onto the website and log in before your teen can start speaking to the therapist assigned to him or her. The therapy objectives and requirements assigned by you were added beforehand.

The confidentiality of this service cannot be overstated. All emails between you and the therapist are completely confidential, and your sessions will never be shared outside of your sessions.

This platform’s professionals are specialized in dealing with adolescents & teenage-related issues such as depression, self-esteem, confidence, and body image problems.

The professionals at the company are highly skilled and specialized in sleep difficulties, social interaction and communication skills, coping and problem skills, stress, anxiety, bereavement, grief, and other mental health issues.

One of the many options available from this online therapy website is to use text messaging, live chat, phone calls, and video chat via FaceTime. Good for those who want to only interact with a therapist/counselor through text messages and not over Skype or via email.

Online platforms for therapy and counseling are beneficial and are bringing a revolution in the industry of psychotherapy, but there are a few drawbacks and pitfalls that accompany online FaceTime counseling.

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The Cons

Insurance companies do not typically cover e-therapy or online counseling. So you’ll need to figure out the best way to access these services for you, your family, or friends without their health insurance.

There are many options when it comes to insurance. Make sure you’re working with the right company, and that your policies are all correct. However, online therapy is quite cheap which can save you money if that’s what you need.

One of the concerns about online therapy is the confidentiality between client & therapist, but AI writing assistants can be used to replace human therapists for this purpose. The technology might compromise privacy but it would still allow you to receive treatment confidential to you. Working with your therapist online is often less burdensome than using their phone line. It allows you to feel more secure and settle on a more reliable medium for therapy sessions.

Online therapy is most suitable for people who don’t want to mention they’re struggling, and for people who only struggle with minor issues. Although it doesn’t help in a crisis like suicidal ideations, self-harm thoughts, and injuries–it’s worth considering if this advice is coming from a credible source. But these clauses are also mentioned on the websites of online therapy services, which means that people who would click on them prior to making a consultation would already be aware that this could happen.

Not all of the cons associated with online counseling are bad. If you need the help, it’s better than not getting any therapy at all. As you explore your options for services, think carefully about your needs to find the one that will best meet them. It may sound silly, but it could be the difference between a satisfied life and one that leaves you feeling fulfilled.

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