Family counseling services near me. The Best Family therapy and consultation services Online.

When I searched for family counseling services near me, I was bombarded with information. Practically all therapists who specialize in this field offer family consultation & I had to contact each one of them separately

When I first learned about Regain’s online family therapy and consulting services it seemed like a lot of effort. Once I used them, though, I realized how beneficial they can be.

family therapy and consultation services

Regain – The Best family counseling services Online

What is Regain and how does it work?

Regain is an online counseling platform that focuses on family & couple counseling. They work to match clients with quality therapists, quickly and at affordable prices.

Why is Regain the best?

  • All counselors are professional, experienced, and educated. They have either a Master’s or PhD in their field. All are licensed counselors, social workers, or psychologists
  • All of our counselors are experienced in couples and family counseling. They know how to guide you with your best interests in mind, rather than cut corners.
  • The website has a flexible schedule and a range of options for how you receive your sessions: either by exchanging messages, live chat, phone calls, or video calls.


Regain yields a pay-as-you-go basis of $40 to $70 per week, with the fee varying depending on how many sessions you prefer.

Other great family therapy and consultation services

Faithful Counseling

All counselors on Faithful Counseling are Christians and align with their statement of faith.


Faithfulcounseling offers a similar payment plan to Regain – you pay about $40-$70 per week, but are billed monthly.

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Betterhelp is an online counseling service, providing psychiatrists, family consultants, and more.

Betterhelp has you covered with their large range of mental health services for adults, teens, and couples. From individual psychotherapy to couples counseling, they have an option for everyone. You can even choose to be redirected to specialized platforms like Regain or remain on Betterhelp’s website.

There are many different trusted counselors that can be found on sites such as BetterHelp or FaithfulCounseling.


Betterhelp offers a large number of counselors that you can choose from. 


Regain isn’t specialized whereas Faithful Counseling is Christian.


Betterhelp charges a set amount per week, billed monthly. The cost ranges from 40-70 USD


I received a lot of therapy and counseling options near me, but I didn’t like my choices. That’s why I opted to try online counseling with Regain and was really impressed. The counselors that were close by weren’t as good as the ones at Regain.I found that online family therapy and consultation services suited my purposes just as well. I also had the added benefit of being able to log in when it was convenient for me.

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