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Therapeutic intervention for relationship issues has been growing in demand for a while now. That’s why we’ll get into the high demand for individualized couples therapy that is designed specifically to help you solve the particular problems facing your relationship.

individual therapy for relationship issues

Regain – The Best individual relationship counseling

Regain’s individual therapy for relationship issues has many happy customers. They provide online counseling for people who are interested in learning how to improve their relationships. Many have said that our individual relationship counseling has helped them dramatically, and others have recommended it.

And remember, if you’re a married couple, individual marriage counseling may be the key to ensuring that your family stays together. At Regain we’ve been helping people stay married for years and have helped save dozens of families from breaking apart.

Regain provides individual therapy for any relationship issues, marriage counseling when one partner needs help, and couples group therapy.

Reasons for couples therapy in individual sessions with Regain

We created Regain specifically for relationship counseling and because of that, it has many advantages over other platforms that focus on other types of counseling like job-seeking or anger management.

Finding the right team is really important if you value your relationship. That’s why we’ve centered our services around areas of concern such as individual marriage counseling without a spouse or individual relation therapy.”Regain is committed to helping their clients reach and maintain a healthier mindset.”

Every counselor who works on this site has been professionally trained and has a lot of experience working with couples. We’re here to help you navigate the world of love and relationships, and we hope that we can provide you with the support that you need.

Other sites may focus on other areas of mental health such as trauma recovery, schema therapy, addiction intervention, etc. Regain’s main goal is to get your relationship back on track. It can do this by offering to counsel that individual counseling, marriage counseling without the other person present, and group therapy. This is why Regain is the most beloved and sought-after online relationship counseling service. Couples’ counseling sessions are one of the many things that they offer.

  • Peer counselors have amazing testimonies from scores of people they’ve helped. They’ve been known to save and repair many relationships and marriages with their loving attitude. They have also provided solutions for couples in conflict that have been instrumental in bringing about peace for couples who were ready to call off their engagement or file for divorce.
  • They offer a service that is versatile and accessible. With so much change happening both in the world, as well as online advances, the need for online counseling has skyrocketed, providing more choice than ever before.
  • Regain’s monthly rates range between $40-$70 which is lower than the average in-person psychotherapist, but you can’t really expect instant sessions. Most specialists charge a fee of about $100 a visit which could be every two weeks or once a month.Regain offers half the price of its old services with many more offerings than what would be found in a normal counseling session.
  • If you want to remain anonymous, they can make it happen and still provide you with the most personalized care possible. This approach is a lot less invasive for people who might feel ashamed or stigmatized in some way. It also makes it a lot easier for them to talk about what they’re going through – which helps them get better quicker.

How does Regain work?

When you start, we’ll ask you to fill out a questionnaire based on the goal of therapy, such as avoiding divorce or overcoming adultery.

Your preferences will be asked on the first login, and you’ll fill out some questions. You’ll then make an account and you can get started!

A lot of people seem to be asking if it is possible for 2 partners to receive therapy at the same time with this service. You can invite them as a guest or as your therapist if they’re also available for sessions. Would you like to consider individual counseling, marriage counseling, or both?

Cost – couples therapy individual session

There is a $40-$70 monthly fee for Regain’s counseling services.

You will be provided with a counselor who will be available via text, video, or voice call to discuss the issues you are experiencing in your relationship.

You have the choice of group or individual therapy, with or without your partner. You can also switch counselors at any time for reasons of your own.

Individual relationship counseling for Christians and LGBTQ+

Many people have recently sought out ways in which to use their faith in therapeutic techniques.

Faithful Counseling is a counseling online platform designed to meet the needs of Christians.

individual therapy for relationship issues 2


Other benefits to using this site include its competitive pricing which is less than traditional face to face counseling, the option to connect with the counselor at any point in time once the counselor indicates he or she is available and the option to communicate and receive help via video, voice call or text.


On the negative side, if the person seeking therapy is a minor, severely suicidal, under psychiatric care or has problems with internet accessibility, chances are this won’t be the perfect option to give you what you need.


The cost is $40-$70 USD per month. Unfortunately, insurance won’t cover this expense!

Pride Counseling – Individual Relationship Counseling for LGBTQ+

Pride Counseling provides utmost care and therapy to LGBTQ+ community members who often face mental health issues as well as building healthy relationships and discovering their true identity.


Members of this site are catered to appropriately, with easy-to-find therapists, via video call or text message. This site makes it possible for members to remain completely anonymous.


Online counselors offer unparalleled accessibility for people around the world, but they may not be useful to everyone. They may not suit people with remote living realities or those struggling with suicidal mental health issues. Your insurance may also not cover the cost of these sessions.


Costs for this service are much less than traditional face-face therapy, usually between $40=-$70 USD a month.

In Conclusion

So, if you’re looking for a relationship therapist that is accessible from almost anywhere and can provide a solution, Regain will be a perfect fit due to its accessible nature.

As we mentioned, therapy can be a pivotal point in your relationship, often saving a family from the harsh reality of divorce.

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