Mother Daughter Therapy Sessions. The Best Online counseling for Mother Daughter Conflict Resolution.

Creating healthy relationships with those around you is difficult, but it’s important to work on forging those bonds and having the ability to connect and share with others.

Many parents want to have regular chats with their children about relationships, especially after a fight or break-up. Parents can use the process of mother-daughter counseling to heal wounds and improve relationships with their daughters.

It’s not always easy for mothers and daughters to work through their problems. Not only can BetterHelp help you find the perfect therapist, but they also have remote therapists with experience in the field.

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You might be wondering if online therapy is a good fit for you. That’s why it would be helpful to go very lightly over the basics of what online therapy is and how it can help.

Online therapy is a great option for those who struggle to fit traditional appointments into their schedules. It’s often cheaper and provides a level of flexibility that is unmatched by other choices.

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The Best Mother-Daughter Counseling Service – BetterHelp

Better Help is a platform that provides affordable therapy for individuals who might not be able to afford home-based services from licensed professionals. The platform shares emails with your therapist so there’s no need to wait to get in touch with them or go through extensive paperwork. They have an algorithm to match you with one of their many therapists for faster, more personalized treatment.

How does the service work?

When you visit the Better Help website, you’re welcomed to answer a series of questions about yourself and the type of therapy you’re looking for. They are then used to match you with the therapist who’s best for your needs.

And best of all, Better Help is on the cases 24/7 with chat, phone call, or video call. This gives you one-on-one access to your therapist or counselor, so it will be easy for you to get the support you need.

If you have a teen, there are many different options for them with counseling appointments. They must be experienced with the complexities of dealing with teenagers and with conflicts that can happen in their relationships, such as those between parents and their teens.

Why it is the best service?

  • With the help of these platform-independent solutions, you get to choose which system works best for your sessions, be it your phone, tablet, or computer. You get to participate in platform-independent therapy anywhere that’s more comfortable for you.
  • All Better Help counselors have been trained professionals from beginning to end. Our certified therapists are all licensed psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, professional counselors, or experienced marriage & family therapists.
  • You can choose between having sessions through live chat, phone calls, or video conference – whatever feels most comfortable to you. You’re also able to send unlimited messages back and forth with your counselor during a call.
  • You can have a therapy session from wherever you are, at whatever time you want, from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

You need to be careful when choosing the help you need since Better Help’s algorithm is good enough to match you with someone. But sometimes it requires a bit more than an algorithm to match compatible people, so chemistry might be important to you don’t like the therapist you’re assigned with, changing is easy. The system automatically sends them your questionnaire results and sets up another one for you, automatically!


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Pricing for BetterHelp

BetterHelp offers an affordable subscription plan. For just 40 to 70 dollars a week, you cover unlimited sessions as well as the use of the platform. You are billed monthly and can choose to pay through Paypal or via credit card. If you decide that you’re unhappy with the service, you can choose to cancel your subscription at any time.

Other useful services for resolving mother-daughter conflicts

Regain and Faithful Counseling are two online counseling platforms that offer specifically targeted help. They can provide relief from some of the specific pains you might be facing as well as some other groups.

Regain – Online Counseling Specializing in Relationships

One of the primary focuses of Regain is couple’s counseling. However, many of the therapists listed on our platform have experience with family therapy. A good couple’s counselor will be experienced in making both parties feel heard and understood, which is essential. Having someone with this type of experience when working with other people in sessions may lead to better results when talking about more than one project

Pros and Cons

Regain has many of the same benefits as Better Help. Regain is more than just a list of counselors- it’s an entire platform. It provides the flexibility and tools for one to create a custom web-based counseling session so that each client gets exactly what they need and want from their counselor.

AI writers in particular might be especially skilled in providing support to people experiencing conflict with their mothers since they are experienced with listening to both parties and holding space when needed.

Many of the counselors listed on Regain are trained, licensed marriage and family therapists (LMFT), which means that a large part of their education and training has been regarding family therapy, and they’re knowledgeable about the issues surrounding mother-daughter relationships.


Regain has a similar pricing plan as Better Help – 40 to 70 dollars per week which are billed monthly, through Paypal or credit card.

Faithful Counseling service

If you’re looking for relationship therapy, Faithful Counseling is the place for you. The platform has qualified counselors who not only discuss personal life topics but also bring their faith into it.

Pros and Cons

Faithful Counseling only employs counselors who are devoutly Christian for moral & theological reasons. It can be a big advantage for people looking for mother-daughter sessions since the counselor will know what’s important to them academically, spiritually, and personally.


Faithful Counseling shares a similar subscription-based pricing plan as Better Help and Regain 40 to 70 dollars per week, which are billed monthly. You can pay through a credit card or Paypal.

In Conclusion: Mother-Daughter Therapy

You might be searching for quality mother-daughter therapy, but getting it might mean turning to an online platform. Depending on your budget, competing with traditional face-to-face therapy can be cost-effective.

Online platforms can offer you access to various people who are willing to help with whatever specific issue you may be experiencing. These counselors are 24/7 and they’re available for someone anywhere, so it’s really good value for money.

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