Muslim Marriage Counseling in Islam: The best Muslim psychologist near me online.

Marriage counseling is very common in Islam and dates back to the Prophet Muhammad, who counseled couples himself. Many Muslims opt out of counseling because they fear the process.

The fear that doing so means they have problems or their relationship is ending. However, counseling can be used at any stage in the relationship to keep it strong.

It can be difficult to find a Muslim counselor in your area, let alone one with experience in marriage counseling.

We at Regain understand that many of our customers come from churches and communities with a shared faith. That is why we have sorted therapists so you can easily find someone who shares your beliefs and values.

muslim psychologist near me

Regain – The Best Islamic marriage counseling service available

Regain is the best place to find marriage counselors because they specialize in relationship counseling. They have a large, qualified network of mental health therapists who offer the kind of help you need.

Regain offers you access to a large number of therapists who can offer relationship counseling across video calls, phone calls, and live chats.

Marriage counseling through Regain is often more affordable than traditional face-to-face counseling, without compromising on quality.

How does Regain Islamic marriage counseling work?

You can choose to work with whoever best suits your needs.

Let’s go over how easy it can be to find a therapist that meets your needs.

To sign up, click “get started” at the top of our homepage. You start by answering a few questions about yourself, your relationship, and the type of counselor you prefer to work with.

You can rest assured that as soon as you answer the questions, you’ll be guaranteed to receive an email informing you of potential therapists. This should take no more than a few minutes, hours, or days since there’s such a high number of therapists on the platform.

Get an email from your therapist and make sure to reply as soon as you can with a message or set up a session with them

What makes Muslim marriage counselors from Regain stand out?

  • The therapists at Regain are all licensed professionals. They are either certified psychologists, clinical social workers, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, or Professional Counselors.Each of our writers has at least 3 years of experience and 1000 hours under supervision in their field. Candidates for this position should possess a Doctorate or a Master’s degree and current work experience to apply. Our writers have knowledge and interest in helping couples improve their relationships, making them ideal for this job.
  • Regain’s marriage counselors offer many options for Muslims to make scheduling a session much easier- you can choose to have sessions from your tablet, landline phone or computer. Video chatting is helpful for those who want to see their counsellor in real-time.Live chats or phone calls might be a better choice for those who prefer more privacy, feel shy, or have a slow Internet connection.
  • The Regain website has a large network of therapists, which means you can always find someone to help you. When it comes to urgent problems, you don’t want to be on a waiting list for weeks or more.
  • Working from a home office also allows therapists at Regain to offer affordable therapy sessions, which means clients can afford the same level of care without having to spend as much.
  • So, you may have also seen our reviews page. If not, take a look at it and you will see all the ratings and reviews from other clients who have worked with that therapist before. You can find out about their experience, their qualifications, the treatment they offer etc. This will save you time and effort, since you will be able to more quickly know whether that counselor is the right person for you
  • This might not be as much of a problem as one might think, since it’s easy to see the same counselor for your sessions. You can have individual & couple sessions or both, and doing so doesn’t require any big changes in the way you live.
  • You can work with your therapist to set up sessions that are as long or as short as you need them to be.


You can subscribe to Regain on a weekly basis for $40-70. You’ll be billed once every four weeks and you can cancel at any time using PayPal or credit card.

In Conclusion

Marriage counseling in Islam has been an important practice for a long time. A strong marriage should have no problems, but so many different factors can disrupt it. Counseling services can improve your relationship and communication with your significant other. With the help of Muslim marriage counselors online, like those at Regain, you can easily and quickly regain intimacy and harmony in your marriage.

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