The best online Christian marriage service. Our Online marriage counseling reviews.

Online Christian marriage counseling and dialogue provide a solution for couples who are looking for help in their relationship, and the online sessions fit into every schedule.

Every relationship has its challenges: fights, financial concerns, differences in parenting styles, etc. among other things. These changes can be tough for ‘weaker’ people and those with low self-esteem who may think they’re incapable of making such a relationship work.

Christian marriage counselors make both the husband and wife feel safe. They also help them find solutions to their problems.

Whether you live in a big city or small town, online counseling has the answer: access to licensed and experienced mental health professionals who also happen to be practicing Christians.

Reviews on Christian counseling providers are essential because it’s difficult for people to filter through the options. Faithful Counseling is a leading website that provides these services, and their reviews can help improve your choices.

online marriage counseling reviews

Faithful Counseling – The Best service for online Christian marriage counseling is a digital platform for stress management and mental wellness. It connects anyone who needs it to a licensed, Christian mental health professional in your area (or virtual) – all of them offer online marriage counseling and other services

Faithful Counseling lets you read reviews of Christian counseling experts and choose which ones to work with. If you aren’t sure who to pick, the online algorithm can be of assistance.

The choice of therapist is important. You should not force yourself to work with one if you don’t click with them at your first consultation. Choose another counselor to explore alternatives.

How does Faithful Counseling work?

When you enroll in Faithful Counseling, we will assess what therapy is best for you and your situation. This will only take a few minutes so click here to get started.

For example, some common issues can be addressed by therapy such as pornography addiction, intimacy problems, and eating habits.

You can also discuss your preferences for spiritual practice in counseling sessions – do you want strictly clinical sessions with a Christian therapist, or are you open to biblical wisdom in your sessions? Do you want your counselor to offer you spiritual disciplines or incorporate prayer in sessions?

After providing some info about yourself, the system is going to match you with a therapist that has a good record of success working with people with a similar profile.

online marriage counseling reviews 2

What makes Faithful Counseling stand out?

  • All of our therapists on Faithful Counseling are qualified and licensed mental health care professionals. Every one is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Professional Counselor, Psychologist, or Clinical Social Worker.They all have either a Master’s or Doctorate degree in the subject fields that they teach, with over three years of experience and 1000 hours of working time.
  • All our caring therapists are Christians. They provide Bible-based counseling services to help you make peace with your past and move forward.Before joining Faithful Counseling, they share their testimony with the staff here to make sure their beliefs are compatible.
  • Faithful Counseling is proud of the reviews they have received from clients who have worked with their representatives. You can find these reviews online and read how satisfied previous clients were with their experience here.
  • Do you want to find counseling from home? Faithful Counseling lets you have sessions from your computer, phone or tablet. You can choose if you want a live chat, a phone call or a video session – whatever makes you feel most comfortable
  • Some people don’t like in-person sessions in an hour long. If you prefer extra talks in a day or more breaks between your sessions, then Faithful Counseling offers you that flexibility.
  • Faithful Counseling protects your privacy and security. This company does not get any of your payment information or personal data except what’s strictly necessary for meetings. Any messages you share are encrypted so they don’t fall into the wrong hands.You can actually sign up with a pseudonym using their website.


Faithful Counseling offers online Christian marriage counseling at an affordable rate. The cost of counseling through Faithful Counseling ranges from $40-$70 per week (billed every 4 weeks). You can get it via PayPal or credit card. You can cancel your membership at any time for any reason.

In Conclusion

Online Christian marriage counseling is becoming increasingly popular because it offers the chance to combine quality counseling with keeping your personal information private. Your relationship should never be put at risk – so you need to protect it. Therapy for marriage is offered by practicing Christians hosting their sessions online or over the phone so you can still worship during your sessions and keep what’s happening between you and your therapist

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