The Best Online Counseling for Pre Engagement Anxiety and Jitters near me.

Most couples opt for pre-marital counseling after getting engaged and fixing a wedding date. Pre-engagement counseling is more useful than marital counseling due to the high pressure afterward. Most couples find it more embarrassing to point out the flaws in their relationship

If you are considering engagement, I encourage you to take some time to consider what would be best for your relationship. You can get counseling that will help with this. If you are looking for information on the subject, there is a wealth of online resources out there to help make sense of how your life might change with an engagement. Going to counseling means you want to explore the pre-engagement anxiety that comes before your wedding or event. It will help you get closer and really know each other more deeply too.

Before getting engaged, it’s good to do some groundwork by discussing the many important aspects of your life. This will help you make better-informed decisions about issues such as personality differences, family history, past relationships, finances, and more.

If you are feeling the pressure before your pre-wedding counseling, but don’t have enough time to see a therapist in person, you can always get therapy over the phone with help from pre-commitment counselors.

Here are two helpful links if you’re working on pre-engagement, relationship-related issues.

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ReGain is an online marriage counseling platform. They specialize in couples and individual counseling for relationship issues, pre-engagement anxiety, and more.

ReGain provides counseling services on your schedule and on your electronic device, including a computer, tablet, or phone. At, all you need to do is sign up and fill in a brief questionnaire. If you want to recruit a therapist for your business, contact us and we’ll match you one quickly.

ReGain has a team of qualified and experienced psychologists and family therapists who can be there 24/7 for you. A couple will be given a dedicated space where both partners and the counselor can communicate to help strengthen the bond. Both partners will have complete access to this chat room to give insight into their thoughts and feelings without fear of judgment.

If you sign up, your counselor or therapist will respond to all of your messages with feedback and advice. This way, you can fully understand the aspects of a relationship that are hindering feelings of fulfillment and happiness. In the chat, you will have a discussion with your partner and a counselor.

This communication will help you to work on your relationship, bring a positive change and allow you to accomplish your goals. This type of communication has entailed couples asking for help anytime and anywhere. Besides, you can always go back and review the guidance & advice given by your counselor.

There’s no fixed frequency of sessions because it depends on the specific needs of the individual. Some may prefer short but regular intervals where our therapist can respond quickly to any worries you have. Others may want a schedule with longer meetings where you’ll feel they have enough time to offer solutions for your problems. This depends on what you’re looking for. You can get advice through messaging, live chat, or even phone calls.

We charge $40 to $70 per week for counseling sessions, which is an affordable rate. It is also more reasonable than seeing a therapist face-to-face where you need to drive for half an hour first.

By paying monthly (or yearly), your ReGain subscription with be deducted from the card or PayPal account you provided us. Canceling your subscription is quick and easy, sending an email to our customer service. Changes to payment details are also possible by getting in touch with us, giving them your newly acquired details


The Meet Your Match website is specifically for finding professionals in the area of relationships and families. You don’t need to search for relationship or family counselors and therapists since you’ll be able to find them easily here!. Moreover, counselors at ReGain offer a range of service options and each session is unique to your needs. If you’re not happy with the counselor assigned, you can switch to someone else with similar objectives and needs. This service is a fraction of the cost – and certainly less time – than traditional therapy. It also provides you access to qualified professionals at a reasonable price.


ReGain doesn’t allow three-way phone or video therapy sessions which means both members of the conversation need to be present.

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Faithful Counseling

Faithful Counseling is a family service designed specifically for couples who are looking to use Biblical wisdom in their relationship by inviting God into the conversation. If you are seeking pre-engagement counseling, they can offer an experience that is Christian-based.

Faithful Counseling connects its users with licensed therapists and counselors who are Christians. The therapists and counselors use their clinical expertise, combined with that of Christianity, to address your issues and formulate healing plans. Faithful counseling seeks to help you tackle the mental, emotional and spiritual issues that have been weighing you down.

Faithful Counseling has a team of counselors who may be practicing Christians and are on the Betterhelp platform. These counselors specialize in many different psychological and mental health issues, including relationships, family conflicts, and more.

Once you sign up on the website, you’ll be matched with a counselor who meets your needs and objectives. Most times, the website provides you with a successful match and this is usually accurate. However, if you do feel like your counselor isn’t right for you or that they’re not likeminded to your beliefs, there’s always someone else to reach out to.

Faithful Counseling offers counseling to help you deal with life’s hardships and the cost varies depending on the number of sessions performed within a given period. A traditional therapy session will cost you more, especially if your insurance doesn’t cover it. This is a private company without any funding or donations. We need you to pay a fee so we can compensate the professionals who work with you and also provide general staff services. In this cost, you will have unlimited messaging with your counselor and can always feel comfortable knowing that we’re here for you in your time of need.


Faithful Counseling strictly protects all clients’ confidentiality. You don’t need to add any personal information while signing up and you can even use a nickname if you choose. Your phone number will be kept private when scheduling a telephone call with the therapist.


Although counselors are trained to provide insight for people of all religious backgrounds, some spiritual issues require religious counseling. Faithful Counseling does not offer this service. That said, if your issues are strict of a spiritual nature, this platform will not be sufficiently helpful for you.

This platform is committed to being a Christian counseling platform and to help you get rid of pre-engagement anxiety, pre-engagement counseling from a Christian perspective will work best for you.

To sum up, e-counseling provides a range of professional counseling services from the comfort of your home and at a much more affordable price. You can use this to feel confident about engaging and to increase the quality of your connection for a longer time period.

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