The Best Dating Counseling Online – Relationship Therapy for Singles.

An impression is created that a relationship therapist is only for people who are in relationships, but if someone has just been through a break-up or feels that they have needed to talk about their relationship then this type of therapy can be very helpful. But singles therapy can help singles explore what’s keeping them from being in a relationship, examine previous relationships, or focus on other non-romantic relationships in their lives.

Dating counseling can also be used to help you in the early stages of dating. There’s no need to wait until major problems come up!

relationship therapy for singles

Regain – Relationship counseling Online

Regain is an online platform connecting relationship therapists to clients who are looking to undergo relationship-focus therapy. The counselors at Regain want to help you improve your relationships and relationship skills.

How Does Regain Work?

When you visit the Regain website and start your therapy, you will be asked some questions to narrow down the most profitable therapy method for you. Those include details about your age, relationship status, and what you’re most interested in.

You will be asked about what you are hoping to get out of the therapeutic process. From that, a therapist will be picked for you that is specialized in working with singles, thus saving you time. They will then send your phone a message to set up an appointment.

Why Is It The Best currently?

All of the counselors on Regain are experienced with couples’ therapy. They will listen to both parties before helping them find new ways to work together. They can even help teach practical tools for improving your relationship or how to fight responsibly.

All the therapists and counselors on Regain are experienced & certified. Not only that but they were educated at a Master’s or Doctorate level in their chosen field.

The online platform is built with you in mind. You get the flexibility to do video conferences, phone calls, or live chats whenever it suits your schedule. And you can sign up with the nickname of your choice. One of the greatest perks of online therapy is that you can do it wherever you are. You can either operate your session from your phone, laptop, or tablet and choose whichever time suits you best.

If you’re looking for a smooth, easy and affordable payment with remarkable value for money, Regain is perfect.

How Much does it cost?

Receive treatment at the low cost of $40-$70 per week. Counseling with Regain is more affordable than pricey traditional therapy- it’s more convenient, too! Canceling your membership is quick and easy.

Is there Christian relationship counseling for singles?

If you are looking for singles therapy, there are specialized websites geared towards specific groups. You can find counselors who focus on singles, designed to help people just like you

Faithful Counseling

Faithful Counseling is a Christian counseling website that focuses on providing professional advice to Christians. If you are a Christian, our counselors are experts at navigating the world of dating. They have written books to help singles do so within their faith requirements.

Pros and Cons

Faithful Counseling offers Christian counseling. Every counselor on this site believes in spiritual salvation through the love of Jesus Christ and a belief in him. All of our counselors are devout Christians who love to bring God into the healing process. However, our professionals also provide counseling for different aspects of life such as relationship issues, trauma, addiction, and anger management.

Cost for this service?

Counseling through Faithful Counseling can cost anywhere from $40-$70 dollars a week. You can subscribe to the service on a monthly basis so that you only have to pay for counseling when you need it. Of course, if you are unhappy with the service for any reason, it is easy to cancel your subscription.

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Pride Counseling – Counseling for the LGBT community Singles.

Pride Counseling offers a service that is similar to Faithful Counseling and Regain but tailored towards the LGBT community. All of our counselors have their expertise in this community and all-encompassing experiences. Pride counseling understands the challenges of dating and can give you support and keep you up to date with what is going on. All of their counselors are versed in LGBT terminology and sensitive to issues surrounding gender identity. If you’re finding it difficult to get over someone, chatting through your feelings with a script might help.

Pros and cons

Pride Counseling shares many of the same advantages with Regain. It’s affordable, flexible, and easy to use. Changing counselors is easy because you are able to work on the platform, meaning if you want to change your sessions, all you have to do is choose the type of session you would like.


Pride Counseling offers an option with pricing similar to Regain and Faithful Counseling: $40 to $70 per week, which is billed monthly. You can cancel your subscription at any time, just like Regain and Faithful Counseling.

In Conclusion – Relationship Therapy When You’re Single

When searching for a relationship therapist, it’s important to find someone who understands your emotions and is able to provide you with the tools you need to make better decisions.

As a single person, you’re sure to feel more confident as you navigate the dating world and during the early stages of your relationship. Relationship therapy can help with that.

Dating consultation can teach you how to get to know someone, give you insight on how they think & behave, so that you can express your needs more effectively.

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