Holistic, spiritual marriage counseling. The best marriage counselors now work remotely so you don’t have to travel for sessions.

Not all therapy is the same and it’s easy to be misled by misleading marketing campaigns. If you’re looking for a therapist that specializes in holistic marriage counseling and is friendly, professional, experienced, and empathetic – this might be difficult to find unless they’re nearby.

Finding a good therapist can be like finding a hidden treasure, but the journey is usually worth it in the end.

Online platforms for online therapy and spiritual marriage counseling have never been easier to find. Nowadays they’re a lot more accessible, which can help you when you need it the most.

The Regain is the holistic couple’s counseling service to get your marriage back on track.

When you subscribe to Regain, not only do you get access to a network of counselors and therapists, but it also provides a simple and flexible way to communicate with them.

There’s no need to download anything. Everything is done from inside your browser, at an affordable price.

How does our spiritual marriage counseling work?

Once you sign up, our website will ask a series of questions about what type of program you need. For example, we’ll ask if you’re looking for an individual or a couples therapy session.

To provide you with a productive session, we will need to know how your relationship status plays into the equation. We’ll also need to know what goals you have from our time together and if you currently share a home.

You’ll also be asked a few questions about your physical and mental health. Your answers will help match you with the right therapist for you

Once you’re matched with a counselor, you two can communicate via the messaging service. They can help you set up an appointment time with them!

How does Regain’s holistic marriage counseling service stand out?

  • All of our therapists are licensed professionals. Every one of them has the required qualifications, having studied for years and passed exams to get their Masters or Ph.D. in their chosen field. This guarantees that they are fully qualified to do their job, something which is checked by the state’s professional board after they have completed their training. Every single one of our therapists has years of experience, formal training, and background in spirituality, so why not take advantage of their skills with your upcoming couples counseling.
  • All of our therapists on Regain are trained and experienced in relationship and couples’ counseling.
  • You can choose from a variety of session types. You can request your partner to join your sessions, or add them at a later time, on either a one-on-one basis or with the couple present.
  • You have the choice of having one long session per week, several short sessions, or splitting your time as needed.
  • Regain offers many different ways to have sessions, according to your preference. You can choose to hold your session via live chat, where the therapist doesn’t have to see or hear you (this might be perfect for having an appointment on a noisy train). But they also offer the opportunity of phone calls or video chat. Alternatively, if you prefer to have sessions through a phone call or video chat, you can do so from your computer, tablet, or even in bed with your phone.
  • Online sessions make it easy to save time – no need to waste your commute and go back and forth – you can simply do your sessions from wherever you might be!


For just $40 to $70 per week, you get used to the Regain platform, unlimited messages with your counselor, and your counseling sessions. You can choose to pay through a credit card or with PayPal, and you are billed monthly. Of course, you can choose to cancel your subscription with Regain at any time and for any reason.

Good options for spiritual marriage counseling and spiritual couples counseling – Faithful Counseling

Faithful Counseling is a scalable platform for you, a practicing Christian, to grow in your faith and share it with others through counseling.

Regain’s sister site Faithful Counseling has a similar platform but offers something that the other platforms don’t – all of its counselors are practicing Christians in addition to being experienced, mental-health professionals.

What makes Faithful Counseling stand out is its spiritual marriage counseling.

Faithful Counseling and Regain share many of the same benefits, but Faithful Counseling is set apart in one way: all of its counselors are Christian and have signed a Statement of Faith.

They have both Biblical wisdom and clinical experience, which is helpful if you have mental health problems.

The counselors on Faithful Counseling work hard to bring the word of God into their conversations. They will listen to your relationship struggles and offer you guidance to help you through them with more tranquility.

Pricing – Spiritual Couples Counseling

Faithful Counseling shares a similar pricing plan as Regain: $40 to $70 per week grants you access to the platform, as well as covers all sessions.

You are billed monthly, so you don’t need to deal with payments during your sessions. You don’t need to discuss payment with your counselor at all.

In Conclusion – Quality online spiritual couples counseling is now just a click away. Check out Regain and Faithful Counseling.

Whether you’re Christian or not, you can find your ideal form of online holistic marriage counseling in our high-quality, in-depth directory.

We know you will find the right therapist for you, whether it is at Regain or Faith Counseling.

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