Transgender Therapists Online: Find a Therapist Near Me

The decision to undergo transgender surgery can seem very tough, but if that’s what you want then it will be worth it.

It doesn’t matter if you’re transitioning from male to female or transitioning from female to male, there are a lot of considerations. There is a high emotional toll, and support is essential.


Looking For a Good Gender Therapist Near Me

Unfortunately, many trans people don’t have the support they need. A trained professional can help with this. A specialist in gender therapy can help you figure out your feelings about your gender. They’ll also be there to support you if you decide to pursue reassignment surgery or talk to friends & family about what’s going on.

Although it’s sad that many people still have a stigma towards gender identity issues, therapists who know how to approach people are not easily found.

I live in an area with a high population but when I searched for gender counseling near me or a good transgender therapist near me, there weren’t many options. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for those that live in more rural areas

Now that we’ve seen how much the internet can help us, I know that I’ll be going online to find a gender therapist to help me on my road to gender reassignment.

The Best Service to Find a Transgender Therapist Near Me

I couldn’t find any quality gender counseling near me, but the Internet helped. I found Pride Counseling, an online therapy platform with not only therapists available online to help with my needs, but also a transition guide for people identifying as transgender.

Pride Counseling – The Best Service for Gender Counseling Near Me

Pride Counseling is an online mental health care platform catering to the LGBT community. It offers a list of qualified therapists and counselors. Many therapists on the platform are LGBTQ themselves. You can easily find a therapist who has expertise with transgender issues. Counselors vary in their treatment approaches. Different therapists specialize in different things like anxiety, relationships or CBT. They can help with whatever it is you need and they’re usually easy to find.

How Does It Work?

When you first sign up for Pride Counseling, you’ll be asked to answer a few questions about yourself and the kind of therapy that you’re looking for. You’ll be asked questions like how you identify, what your preferred pronouns are, and your sexual orientation. You’ll also be asked about your physical and mental health and whether you’ve been to therapy before. This is so that the website algorithm can find the therapist most suited for your needs. For example, if you’re dealing with depression, you’ll be matched with someone who has experience in that area. Once you’ve answered these questions, the website’s algorithm will match you up to an available therapist who matches your criteria. 

Why it is the best?

  • All counselors listed with Pride Counseling are experienced professionals. This means that every single one of them is either a psychologist (PhD or PsyD), marriage and family therapist (LMFT), clinical social worker (LCSW or LMSW) or licensed counselor who has set aside additional certification for an alternative practice.
  • All of our therapists specialize in this particular demographic, so they have expert knowledge in the field. That also means that they’ll be more comfortable when it comes to talking about gender and sexuality-related topics.
  • Feel at home no matter where you are! With online sessions, you can dictate your location. That means that you don’t need to take the bus or find parking or ask for a ride from your parents. You can also keep practicing even when travelling and still feel like it’s a comfortable environment for you!
  • Laptop, phone or tablet. You can choose to walk around as you take your therapy session on the phone. Alternatively, you could curl up in bed for more comfort.
  • You can send an unlimited number of messages to your therapist and decide whether you want them to answer immediately through chat, or in a phone call or video call
  • If you are not feeling matched with your counselor, you can always change it so that someone new can try to get things started. You won’t have to answer any introductory questions again.
  • You get to choose the hours you want to meet with your therapist which means you can see them when it suits your schedule. Pride Counseling also has therapists living in different time zones.
  • One of the benefits that Pride Counseling offers is anonymity. You can sign up for your sessions with a nickname instead of your actual name, and you also have the option to do them via live chat or phone call. This means you will be able to choose how much the therapist knows about youYou can remain anonymous and no one will even recognise you if you were to walk by them on the street. This is a much safer way to go about things, as well as a much more private experience. If you’re anxious or afraid that something might happen, then this might be an option for you.
  • Affordability is a major advantage of online therapy. You can enjoy the same level of quality at a more reasonable price.


Pride Counseling offers affordable counseling, at just 40 to 70 dollars per week.  You’re billed monthly in a subscription-based format. Your subscription pays for use of the platform as well as unlimited sessions with your counselor. Of course, you can choose to cancel your subscription at any time. You can pay for your subscription through Paypal, or use a credit card.


Whether you’re looking for a male-to-female or female-to-male therapist, Pride Counseling can give you the professional transgender therapists that are right near you. Finding the best transgender counselor can be difficult, but we want to help. A website that offers mental health care for the LGBT community is a necessary step in ensuring that everyone can find a gender therapist online.

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